Dec 12 2011

A picture is worth…

This weekend around the world photographers grabbed their cameras and gear and participated in Help-Portrait. Participating in this year’s event with my best bud Charlie Brown was so rewarding and eye-opening. When we arrived to The Star Family Center, we were greeted with smiles. The center knew we’d be there to take portraits and it was so touching to see everyone so excited, getting ready, helping each other to look good for their photos. But it was beyond that. To see the light in the children’s eyes and the smiles from the parents who were having their first photos of their child. What was even more touching was how all the children wanted to help. As the prints were coming off the printer they lined up to help deliver them to the respective family. This was truly the gift. By the end of the day we knew most of them by name and it was hard to pack up. A few of the children helped all the way until the end and were so appreciative. A picture really is worth…

Here are some iPhone pics of our setup.

Dec 9 2011

Help-Portrait 2011

Help-Portrait is a collection of photographers around the world using their time, equipment, and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate. This year I am working with my best bud Charlie Brown. We will be photographing families at The STAR Family Center in Daytona Beach. For more information about Help-Portrait, click on the logo below.