“As a working photographer, when I made the decision to switch to digital, I asked a lot of people in the field who best could help me make the transition, and was repeatedly told the name of Billy Elkins.  I can honestly say, I have never worked with someone who is so good at anticipating my needs as I moved forward and has conscientiously thought through the steps I needed to make.  In my early days, I had taken many workshops and seminars, and though I enjoyed the collective leaning process, when it came time to really move forward, it was imperative to work one on one.  This is the digital era and it is all about taking a great picture and then creating an amazing finished product, and that is done using the latest software.  Billy is a wealth of information and knowledge.  Equally important, he is an excellent teacher with the ability to figure out how people learn, and infinitely patient in that process. Every $ I have spent investing in my skills with Billy has paid for itself over and over again.  The success I am experiencing today is in part because of the decision I made to hire Billy Elkins.”
Andrea Hillebrand, Photographer, Sarasota, FL

“I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable and educational Billy’s Photoshop and Lightroom classes have been.  I have learned more with him than anywhere else (and I have taken classes elsewhere).  His style of teaching is structured and concise.  His patience just about unlimited!  I would not hesitate to recommend his classes to anyone.”
Susan Hickey, Venice, FL

“I am a professional writer with 30 years experience in newspaper and magazine feature writing. But when I volunteered to do the newsletter writing, editing and graphic layout for a non profit organization in town I was completely over my head when it came to the layout and design of the thing. Billy Elkins came to my rescue with the suggestion of the right computer program to use and then lessons in how to successfully navigate it for professional-looking results. My organization is thrilled with our newsletter and so am I. Billy’s patient and expert instruction had made me competent and confident in a valuable new skill. The newsletter is now an effective marketing tool for our club as it helps us attract new members as well as positive media and community attention. ”
Marsha Fottler, Sarasota, FL

“In the past 15 years, I have worked with several photographers in the Sarasota area, and I honestly can say that Billy Elkins stands out from the crowd. From the first time I worked with Billy I could feel his passion for his craft.  His kind and professional manner puts people at ease and his integrity is without question.  His positive outlook brings out the best in his clients and contributes to creating not only exceptional images but also a wonderful experience that remains with the client long after the session is over. One leaves the session feeling delighted, excited and fulfilled by time spent with a special person creating beautiful, lasting works of art. His authenticity shows in his work and in the experiences he helps to create.  Billy is also proficient in teaching photography and digital photography software usage.  He keeps up with all the current trends in the rapidly changing world of digital photography.  As a teacher he meets you where you are be it a beginner or experienced photographer and everything in between. Billy is patient and supportive, building the client’s confidence along the way.  All it takes is a thorough look at his website and blog images to see that this is one exceptional, professional photographer whose talents are not limited to one or two areas.  Billy Elkins is awesome, and I heartily recommend him to anyone looking for excellence with any photography needs, web design, or digital photography and software training.  I guarantee you a memorable and amazing experience.”
Tamara Williams